Furniture is the basic need of all and making it creative makes it more better.In different areas or parts of the world and over centuries we find different type and pattern of furniture with its own uniqueness.

Hear are some old home trends that’s making a good comeback on 2019

Whatever the fashion is may it be clothing or some kinda new haircut, turns out that this is a cyclic trends happens in the world of decor and interior designing as well ,but a little less obvious coz whatever comes on trend in this field happens to stay for a longer period of time, unlike fashion which probably change everyday.


It was introduced in 1620 in America and was their till 1930’s the Victorian era.It had a revival on 60’s and 70’s again. I remember my grands had them on their house, it was really light and comfortable and affordable too. Making or using of this furniture are still their and practiced on urban side of India.


Its a huge trend on 80’s.Today pastel hues don’t come off as ab noxious or dated but yet unique.


This are wonderful and was very popular in 70’s. Its more like filling the home with oxygen glory and also works as air purifier. Living in a cozy room with plants gives a wonderful feeling from inside.

According to a research house plants do more than just add a touch of nature to your space.Those who spend time on a room with plants rated themselves are more confident and energized compared to those of others.

Wood paneling

This is one of my favorite and i’m sure everyone loves it too. It was started on 1960’s grabbing the idea from the houses on hill station. It is largely practiced their because wood helps to maintain the temperature inside the house. And also gives a classy look to your home.

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